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           Title    Author    Binding    ISBN/Item #   ( $AUD )   On Shelf*    
  'GELIGNITE' JACK MURRAY Phill Murray H'back 9781742579788 29.99 Yes In Which Store
  1001 Bikes To Dream of Riding Before You Die P'back 9781760295806 39.99 Yes In Which Store
  101 Things You Thought You Knew About the Titanic But Didn t Malton Tim 9781862549234 24.95 Yes In Which Store
  20th Century Travel Silver Allison H'back 9783836553964 49.99 Yes In Which Store
  70 Years of Porsche Sportscars ARWECK / RAHMES H'back 9783667113283 90.00 Yes In Which Store
  Adventure Motorcycling Manual Wicks Professor Emeritus Robe P'back 9781785211805 29.99 Yes In Which Store
  Air Force One Veronico Nicholas A H'back 9780760357996 45.00 Yes In Which Store
  Aircraft Book Definitive Visual History The Dorling Kindersley H'back 9781409364801 49.99 Yes In Which Store
  The Art of the Classic Sports Car Codling Stuart H'back 9780760352168 69.99 Yes In Which Store
  Aussie Muscle Car Legends Cars Unique P'back 9781925695298 39.99 Yes In Which Store
  Autonomy Quest to Build the Driverless Car - Burns Lawrence D. P'back 9780008302078 32.99 Yes In Which Store
  Band Played On The Untold Story Of The Musicians Who Went   Down With The Titanic Turner Steve P'back 9780702239076 32.95 Yes In Which Store
  BBC Sport World Formula 1 Records Jones Bruce H'back 9781780978406 39.99 Yes In Which Store
  Beauty Of Steam Waller P. H'back 9781912332212 39.99 Yes In Which Store
  Behind The Wheel H'back 9780994569219 39.99 Yes In Which Store
  Bicycle Book The Definitive Visual History Dorling Kindersley H'back 9780241226117 39.99 Yes In Which Store
  Big Boys' Toys Connors Chris P'back 9781742579535 40.00 Yes In Which Store
  BMW Motorcycles Mitchel Doug P'back 9780760347980 29.99 Yes In Which Store
  Bradshaw's Continental [Afterw.] Monthly Continental Railwa-y, Steam Navigation & Conveyance Guide June 1847 - July/Oct Bradshaw George H'back 9781296865054 115.99 Yes In Which Store
  BUS AND TRUCK DRIVERS HANDBOOK Vicroads P'back 9323937001003 14.99 Yes In Which Store
  Cars in Cuba Kim Buddee H'back 9781742579702 45.00 Yes In Which Store
  Cars Trains and Planes Dorling Kindersley H'back 9780241256466 49.99 Yes In Which Store
  Casey Stoner Pushing the Limits Casey Stoner P'back 9780733636110 22.99 Yes In Which Store
  Century of Railways Atterbury Paul H'back 9780747813736 21.99 Yes In Which Store
  CLARKSON IF YOU'D JUST LET ME FINISH..... Clarkson Jeremy P'back 9780241366745 35.00 Yes In Which Store
  Classic Car Book Definitive Visual History DK H'back 9780241240489 49.99 Yes In Which Store
  CLASSIC CARS Heimann Jim H'back 9783836546157 49.99 Yes In Which Store
  Climbing the Mountain Moffat Allan P'back 9781760528195 29.99 Yes In Which Store
  Collector Cars of Australia Stepnell Ken Book Book 9781760790615 49.99 Yes In Which Store
  Collector Motorcycles Of Australia Shepherd Stephen P'back 9781742575810 40.00 Yes In Which Store
  Crayon to CAD A History of Post-War Automotive Design in    Australia Beranger Paul 9780646978383 95.00 Yes In Which Store
  Crosscountry Trains Balmforth John P'back 9781781554746 39.99 Yes In Which Store
  Cuba's Car Culture Cotter Tom H'back 9780760350263 45.00 Yes In Which Store
  Custom Rides The Coolest Motorcycle Builds Around DAVIES ROBERT P'back 9780750983808 49.99 Yes In Which Store
  Day One Schorr Martyn L. H'back 9780760352366 59.99 Yes In Which Store
  Death of Holden Kurmelovs Royce P'back 9780733635786 32.99 Yes In Which Store
  The Death of Holden Kurmelovs Royce P'back 9780733638824 22.99 Yes In Which Store
  Drive The Definitive History of Motoring DK H'back 9780241317662 49.99 Yes In Which Store
  Driven The Men Who made Formula One Eason Kevin P'back 9781473684546 32.99 Yes In Which Store
  Ducati Aynsley Phil H'back 9780646921792 79.95 Yes In Which Store
  evo Aston Martin evo Magazine H'back 9781784722692 49.99 Yes In Which Store
  evo Supercars evo Magazine H'back 9781784720506 49.99 Yes In Which Store
  EXTREME MOTORCYCLE ART DRATE S Hardcover 9781858943138 69.95 Yes In Which Store
  F1 Codling Stuart P'back 9780760355626 24.99 Yes In Which Store
  Fast Women Pioneering Women Motorcyclists Fowles Sally-Anne P'back 9781925403732 29.99 Yes In Which Store
  Ferrari Under the Skin Nahum Andrew P'back 9780714875187 69.99 Yes In Which Store
  Fifty Bicycles That Changed the World Newson Alex P'back 9781840917369 19.99 Yes In Which Store
  Fifty Cars that Changed the World Design Museum Enterprise Limit P'back 9781840917345 19.99 Yes In Which Store
  Fins Harley Earl the Rise of General Motors and Knoedelseder William H'back 9780062289070 52.99 Yes In Which Store
  Fly Fishing Australia & New Zealand David Anderson P'back 9781869664596 35.00 Yes In Which Store