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           Title    Author    Binding    ISBN/Item #   ( $AUD )   On Shelf*    
  101 Dilemmas for the Armchair Philosopher Chaline Eric H'back 9780857625069 19.99 Yes In Which Store
  50 Philosophy Ideas You Really Need to Know Dupre Ben P'back 9781848667358 24.99 Yes In Which Store
  50 Philosophy Classics Butler-Bowdon Tom P'back 9781473655423 19.99 Yes In Which Store
  Anger and Forgiveness - Resentment, Generosity and Justice Nussbaum Martha H'back 9780199335879 30.99 Yes In Which Store
  Avatar and Philosophy Dunn George A. P'back 9780470940310 22.99 Yes In Which Store
  BEYOND GOOD & EVIL NIETZSCHE F P'back 9780140449235 14.99 Yes In Which Store
  Civilization and Its Discontents Freud Sigmund H'back 9780141395890 24.99 Yes In Which Store
  Common Sense and Selected Works of Thomas Paine Paine Thomas P'back 9781626860971 19.99 Yes In Which Store
  Communist Manifesto - Coralie Bickford Smith Marx Karl H'back 9780141395906 24.99 Yes In Which Store
  The Communist Manifesto / The April Theses Marx Karl H'back 9781784786908 18.99 Yes In Which Store
  Consolations of Philosophy - Popular Penguins The de Botton Alain P'back 9780141038377 12.99 Yes In Which Store
  Cracking Philosophy Cohen Martin H'back 9781844038060 26.99 Yes In Which Store
  CRITIQUE OF PURE REASON KANT IMMANUEL P'back 9780140447477 29.99 Yes In Which Store
  Denial of Death The Becker Ernest P'back 9780285638976 29.99 No In Which Store
  Dream Of Enlightenment The #2 Gottlieb Anthony P'back 9780141000664 22.99 Yes In Which Store
  Enders Game and Philosophy P'back 9781118386576 22.95 Yes In Which Store
  ETHICS FOR DUMMIES PANZA P'back 9780470591710 32.95 Yes In Which Store
  A Guide to the Good Life Ancient Art of Stoic Joy Irvine William H'back 9780195374612 30.99 Yes In Which Store
  Hagakure Tsunetomo Yamamoto P'back 9781611801873 21.99 Yes In Which Store
  Heidegger and a Hippo Walk Through Those Pearly Ga Klein Daniel Cathcart Thomas P'back 9781925603347 22.99 Yes In Which Store
  How To Connect With Nature The School Of Life Gooley Tristan P'back 9780230768079 19.99 Yes In Which Store
  How to Deal with Adversity The School Of Life Hamilton Christopher P'back 9780230771666 19.99 Yes In Which Store
  How to Exercise The School Of Life Young Damon P'back 9780230767768 19.99 Yes In Which Store
  How to Make a Home school of life Hollis Edward P'back 9781447293330 19.99 Yes In Which Store
  INNER ENGINEERING: A YOGI'S GUIDE TO JOY SADHGURU H'back 9780812997798 47.99 Yes In Which Store
  The Laws of Manu Doniger Wendy P'back 9780140445404 19.95 No In Which Store
  The Meaning of Human Existence Wilson Edward O. P'back 9781631491146 20.99 Yes In Which Store
  Myth of Sisyphus Camus Albert P'back 9780141023991 9.95 Yes In Which Store
  The News A User s Manual de Botton Alain P'back 9780241967393 27.99 Yes In Which Store
  No.102 Why I Am So Clever - Penguin Black Classics Friedrich Nietzsche P'back 9780241251850 2.99 No In Which Store
  On Basic Human Rights Osho P'back 9781938755859 22.99 Yes In Which Store
  On the Genealogy of Morals Nietzsche Friedrich P'back 9780141195377 14.99 Yes In Which Store
  On the Shortness of Life Lucius Annaeus Seneca P'back 9780141018812 12.99 Yes In Which Store
  The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy 3ed Simon Blackburn 9780198735304 27.99 Yes In Which Store
  Peanuts and Philosophy P'back 9780812699487 29.99 Yes In Which Store
  Philosophy - A Complete Introduction Teach Yourse Kaye Sharon P'back 9781444190137 22.99 Yes In Which Store
  Philosophy Book The Dorling Kindersley H'back 9781405353298 39.99 Yes In Which Store
  The Philosophy Book Bassham Gregory H'back 9781454918479 44.99 Yes In Which Store
  Philosophy in 50 Milestone Moments Smith Daniel H'back 9780857625045 19.99 Yes In Which Store
  Plato All That Matters Williams Ieuan P'back 9781444193008 16.99 Yes In Which Store
  Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar Klein Daniel P'back 9781786070180 19.99 Yes In Which Store
  Present Shock When Everything Happens Now Rushkoff Douglas P'back 9781617230103 19.99 Yes In Which Store
  The Prince - Coralie Bickford-Smith Machiavelli Niccolo H'back 9780141395876 24.99 Yes In Which Store
  Pursuit of Happiness And Why Its Making Us Anxious Whippman Ruth P'back 9780091959159 35.00 Yes In Which Store
  Questions for Deep Thinkers Kraemer Henry P'back 9781507207123 22.99 Yes In Which Store
  Republic Plato P'back 9780141442433 19.99 Yes In Which Store
  Science Fiction and Philosophy Schneider P'back 9781118922613 30.99 Yes In Which Store
  Sophies World Jostein Gaarder 9781474602280 19.99 No In Which Store
  Symposium Plato 9780141023847 9.95 Yes In Which Store
  Twilight of the Idols Antichrist Friedrich Nietzsche 9781840226133 16.95 Yes In Which Store