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Jane Austen is remembered for her six masterpieces of the Regency era: from the heroines of Elizabeth Bennett and Emma Woodhouse to the villains of Mrs. Norris and John Willoughby. But these characters were not born overnight. They sprung from Austen's experiences as a young girl, and many versions of them can be found in the earliest of her writing: her Juvenilia.

In the 'History of England', Austen discusses the great kings of England; in 'Lady Susan' (also published in Collins Classics Sanditon), she creates an anti-heroine who cheats her way through high society; and in 'Love and Freindship', a woman looks back on her extremely unfortunate life.

Writing on the cusp of literary greatness, Love and Freindship offers a fascinating - and often surprising - insight into a young Jane Austen.