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           Title    Author    Binding    ISBN/Item #   ( $AUD )   On Shelf*    
  TERRIBLE UNDERPANTS COOKE KAZ P'back 9780140568820 14.99 No In Which Store
  BABY BK COOKE KAZ 9780670040087 29.95 No In Which Store
  KIDWRANGLING COOKE KAZ P'back 9780670040070 39.95 No In Which Store
  REAL GORGEOUS COOKE KAZ paperback 9780393313550 39.50 No In Which Store
  UP THE DUFF COOKE KAZ P'back 9780670882892 39.95 No In Which Store
  LITTLE BK OF EXCUSES COOKE KAZ paperback 9780143001676 7.95 No In Which Store
  LITTLE BK OF BEAUTY COOKE KAZ P'back 9780140299106 7.95 No In Which Store
  LITTLE BK OF HOUSEHOLD MADNESS COOKE KAZ paperback 9780140295450 7.95 No In Which Store
  LITTLE BK OF DUMB FENG SHUI COOKE KAZ P'back 9780140290714 6.95 No In Which Store
  GIRL STUFF COOKE KAZ paperback 9780670028870 39.95 No In Which Store
  Kidwrangling Cooke Kaz P'back 9780670073986 45.00 Yes In Which Store
  WOMENS STUFF COOKE KAZ H'back 9780670073696 59.95 Yes In Which Store
  Girl Stuff 13+ Cooke Kaz P'back 9780670076666 39.99 Yes In Which Store
  Girl Stuff 8-12 Cooke Kaz P'back 9780143573999 24.99 Yes In Which Store
  WANDA-LINDA GOES BERSERK COOKE KAZ paperback 9780143500995 14.99 No In Which Store
  Ada Cooke Kaz P'back 9780670077939 32.99 Yes In Which Store
  Babies & Toddlers Cooke Kaz P'back 9780143788607 39.99 Yes In Which Store
  Up the Duff NEW edition Cooke Kaz P'back 9780143795339 47.99 Yes In Which Store