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           Title    Author    Binding    ISBN/Item #   ( $AUD )   On Shelf*    
  Bought The Greeks Innocent Virgin Morgan Sarah 9780373127498 12.95 No In Which Store
  The Sicilian Doctor's Mistress Morgan Sarah paperback 9780373823710 9.95 No In Which Store
  # 37 The Sheikh's Virgin Princess Morgan Sarah paperback 9780373527014 13.50 No In Which Store
  # 2798 The Princes Waitress Wife Morgan Sarah paperback 9780373127986 12.95 No In Which Store
  # 52 The Vasquez Baby Morgan Sarah paperback 9780373527168 12.95 No In Which Store
  # 2829 Capellis Captive Virgin Morgan Sarah paperback 9780373128297 12.95 No In Which Store
  # 81 Powerful Greek Unworldly Wife Morgan Sarah paperback 9780373527458 9.95 No In Which Store
  # 2902 Bought Destitute Yet Defiant Morgan Sarah paperback 9780373129027 9.95 No In Which Store
  # 2943 One Night...Nine-Month Scandal Morgan Sarah paperback 9780373129430 10.50 No In Which Store
  # 126 The Twelve Nights of Christmas Morgan Sarah paperback 9780373527908 9.50 No In Which Store
  # 2970 Bella and the Merciless Sheikh Morgan Sarah paperback 9780373129706 9.50 No In Which Store
  A Night of Scandal Morgan Sarah paperback 9780373130009 8.95 No In Which Store
  Once a Ferrara Wife... Morgan Sarah paperback 9780373130498 9.95 No In Which Store
  The Forbidden Ferrara Morgan Sarah P'back 9780373130740 9.50 No In Which Store
  Defying the Prince Morgan Sarah P'back 9780373130900 9.50 No In Which Store
  Woman in a Sheikh's World Morgan Sarah P'back 9780373131105 9.50 No In Which Store
  Sold to the Enemy Morgan Sarah P'back 9780373131198 9.50 No In Which Store
  An Invitation to Sin Morgan Sarah P'back 9780373131525 9.50 No In Which Store
  Lost to the Desert Warrior Morgan Sarah P'back 9780373131778 10.50 Yes In Which Store
  Sleigh Bells in the Snow Morgan Sarah P'back 9780373778553 15.50 Yes In Which Store
  Suddenly Last Summer Morgan Sarah P'back 9780373778867 15.50 No In Which Store
  More Than She Bargained for Morgan Sarah P'back 9780373609857 12.99 Yes In Which Store
  Maybe This Christmas Morgan Sarah P'back 9780373778980 15.50 No In Which Store
  First Time in Forever Morgan Sarah P'back 9780373785049 15.50 No In Which Store
  Sleepless in Manhattan Morgan Sarah P'back 9780373789153 18.99 No In Which Store
  New York Actually Morgan Sarah P'back 9780373804108 18.99 Yes In Which Store
  Moonlight Over Manhattan Morgan Sarah P'back 9780373804030 18.99 No In Which Store
  How To Keep A Secret Morgan Sarah P'back 9781489263704 29.99 No In Which Store
  The Christmas Sisters Morgan Sarah P'back 9781489270610 19.99 Yes In Which Store
  One Summer in Paris Morgan Sarah P'back 9781489276926 29.99 Yes In Which Store
  A Wedding in December Morgan Sarah P'back 9781489287236 19.99 No In Which Store