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           Title    Author    Binding    ISBN/Item #   ( $AUD )   On Shelf*    
  Just After Sunset Stories Stephen King H'back 9781416584087 64.95 No In Which Store
  Dreamcatcher Stephen King P'back 9780340952405 19.99 No In Which Store
  Under the Dome Stephen King 9780340992579 34.99 No In Which Store
  Blockade Billy Stephen King H'back 9781444716191 24.99 No In Which Store
  THE SHINING STEPHEN KING 9781444781359 12.99 No In Which Store
  CUJO STEPHEN KING 9781444779745 12.99 No In Which Store
  FIRESTARTER STEPHEN KING 9781444780833 12.99 No In Which Store
  MISERY STEPHEN KING 9781444781267 12.99 No In Which Store
  PET SEMATARY STEPHEN KING 9781444780840 12.99 No In Which Store
  Revival Stephen King H'back 9781444789171 39.99 No In Which Store
  The Green Mile: The Complete Serial Novel stephen king 9780743210898 64.00 No In Which Store
  Pet Sematary Stephen King P'back 9781529378313 22.99 Yes In Which Store
  The Outsider Stephen King P'back 9781473676398 24.99 Yes In Which Store
  Blockade Billy Stephen King 9781444716504 33.99 No In Which Store
  If It Bleeds Stephen King 9781529391534 49.99 No In Which Store
  The Talisman Stephen King Peter Straub P'back 9781409103868 19.99 Yes In Which Store